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Cylinder Honing Machine

The 379-U Honing Machine is used to get the required degree of finish in bored surfaces of single cylinder as well as three cylinders engine block.

The spindle rotation comes through a two speed gear box. The reciprocating axial motion is done manually, the vertical traverse of the honer is adjustable in both location and length by means of limit spots. Positioning and clamping device is provided for both single and three cylinder engine block.
This Machine is equipped with a cooling system consist of motor-driven pump and sump for collection and decantation of coolant.

Honing Range
mm 35- 90
Single Phase Moter
Kw 0.37
Inches 13/8'' - 317/32'' Hp 0.5
Max. Honing Dept
mm 230
mm 915x610x2007
Inches 9'' Inches 36''x24''x79''
Max. Travel of Honer
mm 171
Approx. Weight (Upacked)
Kg 175
Inches 6 3/4'' Lbs 384
Spindle Speed (2)
rpm 230 and 340
Approx Weight (Ocean Packed)
Kg 220
Lbs 483