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Precision Cylinder Boring Machine
Exclusive Features:
  • The Model 56M is equipped with four non-revolving expansible and contractible guides for accurate centering.
  • Long life positive gear drive train assure superb efficiency regardless of climatic conditions for other factor which effect substitute drives.
  • Hard chrome spindle combines corrosion resistance with long life wear resistance and produces better finish and accuracy at efficient feed and speed rates.
  • Rack-pinion device ensures smooth linear movement of tool.
  • Fast and precision jig controlled tool sharpening.
  • Diamond lapping disc provided on the driving motor shaft for tool grinding.
  • Special direct reading micrometer.
Model No. 56M
       Boring Capacity
       56-105 (2.2'' ~ 4.2'')
       Boring Depth
       254mm (10'')
       280 RPM
       Feed / Min
       Depth of Cut Max
       1mm (0.040'')
       Single Phase Motor 1400 Rpm
       50 Hz, 220V - Hp-1/2
       Net Weight
       60 Kgs
       Dimension (Box)
       19'' x 19'' x 40''