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Model No. 210-H/2
Precision Cylinder Boring Machine

Introducing the modern productive product of
today’s technology.

Easy to operate superior performance and quality in portable boring machine.

A general purpose boring machine built to machine tool standards.

Tool Kit
Exclusive Features:
  • ALMEC is specially designed to ease the operation of boring for small engine blocks, particularly those of motorcycles.
  • This centers the job very quickly for accurate & precision operation by three fingers device.
  • Special direct reading Micrometer for easy and accurate tool setting.
  • Hard chrome spindle combines corrosion resistance with long life wear resistance. Produces better finish and accuracy at efficient feed and speed rates.
  • Long life positive and all gear drive train eliminates slippage and reduces maintenance.
  • Rack-pinion device ensures smooth linear movement of tool.
  • Fast, precision jig controlled tool sharpening.
  • Special diamond wheel provided on the driving motor shaft for tool grinding.
  • Totally enclosed, Heave duty, Single - Phase capacitor type ball bearing motor assures reliability.

       Boring Capacity
       39 ~ 65mm (152'' ~ 2.55'')
       Boring Depth
       171mm (6.750'')
       380 RPM
       Feed / Min
       20mm (0.787'')
       Motor 1400 Rpm 220V
       1/4 HP Capacitor Type Ball Bearing
       Net Weight
       85 Kgs.
       Dimension (Box)
       381 x 381x 1219mm (15'' x 15'' x 48'')